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Measuring & Installing Window Treatments

Whether you opt for hiring a professional (which we highly recommend) or the DIY approach to measuring and installing your window treatments, we're here to make it as easy as possible.

Professional Measure & Install Services

We highly recommend you hire a professional to measure and/or install your window treatments to ensure they hang perfectly. We’ve put together a trusted network of local pros that know just how to make your treatments look their best. Measurement fees are typically $75, while installation fees vary by location and are charged based on window size (typically starting between $75 and $150). But believe us, it’s well worth the cost to have your room looking its best.

Why have a pro measure?

  • No hassle and no worries about entering the right measurements
  • Most accurate measurements for best fit
  • Will identify any special needs for your windows or existing hardware

Why have a pro install?

  • Makes installation of even the most complex treatments easy
  • Steams and dresses your drapery or shades for a completely finished look
  • Knows how to work with special hardware, wall types, and large treatments

How it Works

Once you have requested to be connected with a pro, he’ll contact you directly to schedule an appointment. When the measurements are complete, both you and your Loom Stylist will get a copy. From there, sit back and relax, we will send you a quote for your new drapery or shades!

We will contact the installer just before your treatments ship and he will reach out to you directly. He’ll provide a quote and schedule an installation appointment should you wish.

DIY Measuring Guides

Check out our step-by-step window treatment measurement guides for the simplest measuring directions around. Be sure to use a metal measuring tape (not a cloth tape or ruler) and to measure all windows even if they look the same. Take measurements at the left, right, and center of each window as ceilings and floors are often uneven. If you run into any snags, contact a Stylist and we’ll get you on your way.