I HEART Startup Life

“What's that?  We were mentioned where?  (scratchy-scratchy ATT line)  I’m thinking: how nice, a friend blogged about us somewhere.  “WHAT…Are you serious!!?”   Jumping up and down on the streets of Manhattan, laughing hysterically, I dial every friend and family member that comes to mind…

That was my reaction when I heard that Loom was highlighted in an Xconomy article last Thursday, alongside the top mass customization startups in Boston.  Well, let’s be honest, it was more of a “mention” than a “highlight” – but, if you’re just starting out, the thrill of seeing your company’s name in print makes everything seem larger than life.

In addition to our first press, we have much to celebrate!  Last Friday was our inaugural “High Five Friday” (a 15 min call-in chat to celebrate progress with the extended Loom team).   It was heartening to have so much to report:

  • We finally launched our blog and splash page (thanks to all who’ve visted)
  • We received over 9000 hits to our Facebook Fan Page (we love you Zuckerberg)
  • Our developer, Consensus, presented some awesome wireframes (translation: “draft of our website”)
  • We ordered our first round of fabrics—no turning back now!

Still aglow with such exciting news, I just want to say this Valentine’s Day: follow your heart and take that risk.  Startup life is GREAT!

PS – Give Loom some love today and Friend Us!

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